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I developed this Gamefowl Station Chart for fellow gamefowl enthusiast to better understand the difference between high station, medium station, and low station in gamefowl.  


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Yellow Birchen Gamefowl Color Genetics

by George Neri

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   Yellow Birchen Gamefowl Color Genetics

     Here at Golden Spangle Gamefowl we have successfuly manage to restore the yellow birchen to its true original historical standard with our Neri Birchen line. For centuries the genetic make-up of the yellow birchen has been a mystery for many gamefowl enthusiast.

     Before i go into depth about the genetic make-up of the yellow birchen i must first talk about the Betula Alleghaniensis commonly known as the yellow birch tree which this gamefowl is named after. Birch is a board leaved hardwood tree. The bark of the yellow birch tree is a smooth and yellow-bronze in color, therefore a yellow birchen should also be yellow-bronze in color (see pic of our bronze stag and yellow pullet above), white legged, straight comb fowl.

     Now that the orgin of the color has been established we could get into depth about the genentic make-up of the yellow birchen gamefowl. When discussing color genetics the yellow birchen are not BIRCHEN (ER)

 in coloration but a yellow-bronze.

     One of the main things that have puzzled gamefowl enthusiast about the yellow birchen is its yellow-bronze coloration not only on its bodyfeathers but in its bronze tail. I have unlocked  this mystrey and will explain how the yellow birchen is able to aquire this yellow-bronze coloration.

    In order to aquire this yellow-bronze coloration the yellow birchen need 3 thing.....

~1st it needs red pigment

~2nd it needs a red gene delute

~3rd it needs a to have ristrictors to remove black.

     Yellow birchen have a complex  genetic make-up that consists of the following....

~Recessive Wheation (ey)

~Sex linked gold (St)

~Champagne Blond (Cb)

~Mohagany (Mh)

~Columbian (Co)

~a Dilute (Di) which is I Dominat White (I)

~Dark Brown(Dd)...

....all these genes work together and in the right ratio will produce the yellow-bronze coloration. I will break it down further and into detail; the (Co) gene dilutes (Mh) producing oragne/red, (Cb) delutes orange/red to a yellow-bronze. I have explained how the yellow-bronze coloration is aquired but what everyone wants to know is how does the yellow birchen get this coloration into its tail feathers. The bronze tail coloration is possible by the removal of black. To remove the black it needs (Co), (Db), and (Mh) which are black restrictors but does not restricts fully. In order to restrict the black fully the  (I) gene comes into play which will fully restrict black and allow for the bronze coloration to enter the tail! Mystery solved... ;)

                                                                            George Neri


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There are Birchen breeder that have mainten birchens "Pure" but have Failed to mainten their coloration. Their coloration is the only reason they are called Yellow Birchens. Here at we have manage to restore the yellow birchens to thier true beauty once again.