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About Golden Spangle Gamefowl: I do not breed  Pumpkin hulsey fowl, i breed a order historic family of Gamefowl: the Yellow Birchen.

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Yellow Birchens were brought to America in 1905 by A.P. O'Conor from Ireland, these birds where the Herrisford Yellow Birchens. Birchens have won against Madigan and Deveated Al Jones 9 to 4 when Jones was at his best and unbeatable.


 Birchens are from a few families of gamefowl known as "Bloody Heel".


Our Strain "Golden Spangles" were created by obtaining the very best bloodlines of yellow birchens, gamefowl. Our birchens are true to the original families of Herrisford Yellow Birchens.


We at Golden Spangle only breed Yellow Birchens for the preservation of hierloom breed gamefowl

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Golden Spangle Gamefowl- Gamefowl with a history

Yellow birchens are believed to be the breed of the  yellow cock Charley Babb of Memphis sold to E.H. Hulsey to improve his birds that were lacking the size and strength necessary to prevail in the pit. Hulsey bred this yellow cock  into his reds producing his famous Hulsey's Pumpkins! Just like the Hulsey pumpkins many of todays top gamefowl breeds are birchen blood infused: Morgan Whitehackle, Allen Roundhead, Clarets and many more!!!!

There are Birchen breeder that have mainten birchens "Pure" but have Failed to mainten their coloration. Their coloration is the only reason they are called Yellow Birchens. Here at we have manage to restore the yellow birchens to thier true beauty once again.

Neri Birchen

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Here at we only breed to the highest standards. Our fowl are bred to comform to the original color of the Harrisford Yellow Birchen. Above is one of our bronze stags with a true yellow birchen coloration pullet. This coloration is extremly rare!! This family is our Neri Birchen line.

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George Neri

Golden Spangle Breeder

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